Oil & Petroleum Centrifuges

State of the Art Centrifuges Designed for the Oil Industry

Centrifuges designed and used in the oil industry create more efficient extraction processes, while also reprocess elements that could cause long-term environmental damage.

For the recovery of barite and bentonite, a centrifuge plays a key role in the drilling process, helping to contain the walls of the underground pressure and provide adequate means for the evaluation of drilling. The use of centrifuges allows recovery of drill cuttings for reuse.

The drilling of oil generally requires a significant amount of water, whether from a natural origin or product of a secondary operation. Often during the process the water is mixed with the oil, and must be recovered to comply with environmental regulations.

Benefits of the use of centrifuges in the drilling for oil include:

  • Separation of sludge containing oil from oil wells and oil gaps
  • The reprocessing and recovery of materials such as barite and bentonite
  • The recovery of drill cuttings for reuse.
centrifuges for oil and petroleum industry

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